AI in customer service- A journey from customer data analytics to chatbots

Deriskly's co-founder Dr Mimi Zou had a podcast interview with BI4ALL’s Country Manager for Switzerland, Branca Petrovic where the utility of AI in customer service was discussed.

How to personalise your automated replies on Outlook or Gmail

Automated replies are important so that customers can know that their query is being handled in a timely and serious manner.

Top tips for ecommerce brands on personalising automated replies on review websites

The goal of automated replies is to provide a quick and efficient way to respond to reviews while still maintaining a high level of personalization.

Unlocking the Potential of Generative AI for eCommerce Customer Satisfaction

Leveraging generative AI technology can help ecommerce businesses better understand their customers’ needs and expectations, hence improve customer service.

A deep dive into the Consumer Duty and customer support with a financial industry leader

Interview with Vikki Williams, industry leader in customer support at Starling and Barclays.

Consumer Duty: requirements for dispute resolution

How can AI enhance firms' compliance with the requirements of handling complaints under FCA's new Consumer Duty?

FCA's new Consumer Duty and what it means for firms

How can firms leverage new technology solutions to comply with the new Consumer Duty?

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Are conventional complaints handling systems enough to deal with customer enquiries and complaints for highly anticipated products like the iPhone 14?

Enhancing the customer complaints system with AI tools

Is a CRM system effective enough to handle customer complaints?

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How can energy companies rebuild relationships with customers after the energy crisis?

ESG Risk: An Opportunity for AI-Powered Risk Prevention 

How can companies mitigate the increased risk of complaints that result from ESG undertakings?

Customer Dispute Prevention with Data Analytics

How can financial institutions harness NLP technologies to prevent disputes with their customers?

Preventing Product Liability Disputes with AI

How can companies enhance risk management processes for product liability through customer engagement with AI tools?