New technology solution for financial services

With the new Consumer Duty being fully in force soon, firms must implement significant changes to comply with FCA's regulations

Looking for a better way to comply with the new Consumer Duty?

Deriskly utilises advanced AI/machine learning technology to extract and categorise available customer inquiries, feedback and complaints data from diverse sources, including emails, documents, social media, and websites in real-time.

Our solution allows financial services firms to monitor and analyse in real-time customer feedback and experiences, and complaints (including root cause analysis) in compliance with the Consumer Duty.

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Our approach

Deriskly has developed tools to help proactive management of customer interactions to further shorten and streamline the complaints handling cycle, allowing firms to resolve complaints more quickly and efficiently, enhancing consumer support outcomes under the Consumer Duty.

Deriskly makes it easier to report to regulators by having all customer correspondences in one place and streamlining related analytics in one platform.

  • KPI analytics for customer service
  • Real-time tracking & monitoring across different channels
  • Management of customer correspondence
  • Streamline reporting to regulators
  • Evaluate potential escalation

Deliver better customer service, create loyal customers, improve your product and reputation, and increase your revenue today with Deriskly

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