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Meeting FCA's new consumer protection regulations effortlessly by leveraging cutting-edge AI developed by Oxford scientists
£38 billion

(and counting)

direct compensation paid by financial institutions to consumers over the Payment Protection Insurance mis-selling scandal in the UK

Reduce the growing cost of compliance

We offer a data-driven platform for the Consumer Duty, backed by Innovate UK

How we can help

“Our rules require firms to consider the needs, characteristics, and objectives of their customers, including those with characteristics of vulnerability and how they behave, at every stage of the customer journey. As well as acting to deliver good customer outcomes, firms will need to understand and evidence whether those outcomes are being met.”              

– Financial Services Authority

Spot issues in real-time upon first emergence and prevent escalation

Extract and analyse data from diverse customer touchpoints

Identify customer vulnerabilities

Automate regulatory reporting processes and workflows

Collate and evidence compliance accurately and efficiently

Gamified platform for customer research and education

Bridging consumers and firms: two interlinked AI-powered platforms

Interactive consumer platform

  • Empower consumers' financial understanding
  • Accurately identify and consider the need, characteristics and objectives of target customers
  • Ensure that consumers make an informed decision

Responsive firm platform

  • Closely monitor customer interactions across diverse channels
  • Real-time identification of vulnerable customers, spotting emerging issues promptly to prevent further escalation
  • Deploys natural language processing models to enhance existing customer support systems

Vulnerability is a spectrum of risk

According to the FCA, 46% of customers in the UK are vulnerable customers

We can help track characteristics of vulnerability, better respond to customers susceptible to harm.

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