Real-time customer insights for enterprise

We apply AI models developed by our team of Oxford scientists to your customer interactions across all channels. Our solution unlocks actionable insights in real time and provides automated tools for resolving customer problems and regulatory reporting.

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Our AI platform helps you

Quickly identify the root cause of customer inquiries and reasons for dissatisfaction
Rapidly accelerate complaint resolution tailored for each customer and their problem
Boost key customer service metrics and turn unhappy customers to brand advocates

This is how we work

Designed for the user, customisable, no code required
Real-time tracking and monitoring

Deriskly analyses customer interactions from different digital channels in real-time. It automatically tracks, monitors and categorises potential problems (and root causes) from volumes of customer inquiries, complaints and feedback. Our AI-solution provides real-time insights that help you spot emerging issues early on, identify the need for product or service improvements.

Management of correspondence

Deriskly automatically converts chains of customer correspondence into concise summaries of the key issues for the customer service agent, saving your agent a lot of time. No need to scroll through long chains of conversations to find the original or new problem.

"Smart replies" generation

Deriskly can automatically generate for the customer service agent a range of ‘smart replies’ based on our AI-powered analysis of customer interactions. Each response is tailored to the particular problem your customer is facing.

Evaluate potential escalation and KPI analytics

Deriskly automatically assesses any improvement and deterioration of customer relationship. Our analytics platform helps you monitor in real-time key performance metrics, including the number of interactions, time to first reply and resolution time. Our tool analyses customer satisfaction trends across any time period.

Deliver better customer outcomes, improve your product and reputation, and increase your revenue today with Deriskly

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