AI-powered dispute risk management

Deriskly is an AI-enabled software that can help businesses detect risks of a potential dispute with customers, suppliers, employees, regulators, and other stakeholders early on. With this tool, legal and compliance teams as well as other departments (customer success, HR, etc) can promptly prevent a dispute from becoming a costly, time-consuming, damaging lawsuit down the track.

Detection of risks and  warning signs
Deriskly detects warning signs of potential legal disputes, and helps your business prevent these risks as soon as possible.
Use of advanced machine-learning research
Deriskly uses state-of-the-art machine learning models developed by Oxford computer scientists to analyse data.
Customisation and seamless integration
We can customise Deriskly for your business and seamlessly integrate it into your email and IT systems.

Disputes are everywhere.

We all get drowned in emails everyday. But what if a key customer makes a complaint about a product defect, and it somehow slips through a junior sales manager's inbox?

A more subtle example is a sudden change of tone in email communications. It could just be an employee having a bad day, but it may plant the seeds for a budding dispute with your company's most important customer.

This is where Deriskly comes in. Our AI-enabled tool can help your business automatically identify and assess a range of potential dispute risks in a sea of emails and other company communications.

Meet our co-founders

Dr Mimi Zou
CEO & Co-Founder
Tatiana Botskina
CTO & Co-Founder
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We're a pioneer!

We are participating in the world's longest-standing venture-backed accelerator program focused on the enterprise, the Alchemist Accelerator, which has a 3% acceptance rate.

Deriskly has been selected as one of five game-changing lawtech ventures in the Lawtech Sandbox Pilot, a high-profile programme of Lawtech UK, the government-backed initiative within the tech entrepreneurs organisation Tech Nation. The Lawtech Sandbox Pilot has been designed to fast track transformative ideas, products and services that address the legal needs of businesses and society.

We have been featured in the Law Society Gazette, Information Age, Fintech Times.

Deriskly has also been selected for the Microsoft for Startups programs, which equips our company with strong resources to advance our mission to prevent business risks.

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