Financial Promotions in the Consumer Duty Era

This article provides key insights from a recent webinar on the topic by Dr Mimi Zou, Frank Brown and Professor Iris Chiu.


Financial Innovation in the Era of Consumer Duty: A Balancing Act

The recent introduction of the Consumer Duty by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) signals a paradigm shift in how the sector will be regulated, placing consumer protection at its heart. In this piece, we will explore the likely impact of the Consumer Duty on fintech innovation.

White Paper

Implementing the Consumer Duty: the Essentials

The Financial Conduct Authority is aiming to improve the protection of retail customers through an outcome-focused approach. Read to understand the newest updates and how they may affect your business.


Consumer Duty and Product Development: Challenges and Opportunities

Deriskly invites Sam Hatley, CTO of OnLadder to discuss how their company has adopted innovative integration of the Consumer Duty into their operational strategy. Delve deep into how this central focus has sculpted their product development, turning concepts into market-ready solutions that meet consumers' real needs.


AI in customer service- A journey from customer data analytics to chatbots

Deriskly's co-founder Dr Mimi Zou had a podcast interview with BI4ALL’s Country Manager for Switzerland, Branca Petrovic where the utility of AI in customer service was discussed.


A deep dive into the Consumer Duty and customer support with a financial industry leader

Interview with Vikki Williams, industry leader in customer support at Starling and Barclays.


Consumer Duty: requirements for dispute resolution

How can AI enhance firms' compliance with the requirements of handling complaints under FCA's new Consumer Duty?


FCA's new Consumer Duty and what it means for firms

How can firms leverage new technology solutions to comply with the new Consumer Duty?


Enhancing the customer complaints system with AI tools

Is a CRM system effective enough to handle customer complaints?


Customer Dispute Prevention with Data Analytics

How can financial institutions harness NLP technologies to prevent disputes with their customers?


FCA’s likely approach to enforcing the Consumer Duty

The Consumer Duty (‘the Duty’) for new and existing products and services that are open for sale or renewal has come into force since 31 July 2023. Firms have been preparing to make sure they meet the new standards. Read more to better understand what the FCA is looking for.