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Looking for a better way to solve your customers’ problems?

For managing customer complaints and potential disputes, a general CRM or help desk ticketing system is not enough. The problems that take up most of your customer service team’s time and resources usually involve multi-dimensional issues, which most CRM systems are not equipped to manage.

A proactive approach to complaints management is important in preventing problems from escalating down the track.

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Vulnerability is a spectrum of risk

According to the FCA, 46% of customers in the UK are vulnerable customers

We can help track characteristics of vulnerability, better respond to customers susceptible to harm.

our solution

Our approach

Our priority is to empower customer service agents to resolve customer complaints with speed, reliability and explainability

Cutting-edge AI
Many customers prefer a human over a chatbot to solve their problems. Deriskly brings together the best of AI and human agents to do this. Our proprietary technology, developed by PhD researchers from theUniversity of Oxford, offers superior, secure and trusted AI trusted by the world’s leading companies
Easy to use
A customisable and intuitive platform for easy access and use. No code is required. Integrate with different communication channels. Enable easy collaboration between different teams (e.g. customer service, product development, legal, compliance, marketing)
Proactive and fast complaints handling
A dedicated toolkit for solving customer problems quickly and proactively .Pre-empt an issue before it escalates. Significantly reduce the time and effort required by agents on managing and resolving customer complaints

Deliver better customer service, create loyal customers, improve your product and reputation, and increase your revenue today with Deriskly

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