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Impress your customers and Google by responding to all reviews with personalised messages with zero coding

Improve your rating for customer reviews

On average, businesses that respond to all messages have 25% higher ratings than those that do not respond

Better positioning on Google

Responding to your customers’ reviews improves SEO and puts you on the top search results on Google

Higher engagement increases sales

When all messages are responded to, there is a higher engagement rate and a 21% increase in sales

No contract, no coding

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What our customers say

"We have used Deriskly's AI tool for a couple of months now and we have been astounded at the replies that the system generates for us. They have been of a very high quality and we like that we can click a button to change the text the system presents to us if we want a fresh idea.

We feel that we are always in control of the replies as we can check and edit anything we like, but the time saved on each query from the system presenting a full and very relevant, personalised response and the amount of time it would take our team to write that out makes it a very shrewd investment for us!"
Fastest Growing Company, Sunday Times 100

Make every reply truly personalised with AI

Forget about chatbots or generic automated replies. Our ‘smart reply’ tool generates highly personalised, tailored responses to customer queries and reviews in seconds. Stay in control: select, edit and save the best response generated.

Increase speed of responses and resolution

Our platform automatically summarises and categorises customer queries, reviews and feedback. Understand the specific needs and concerns of each individual customer, and ensure they receive the most relevant and helpful response – quickly and with little human effort.

Streamline customer support and reputation management tools

Don’t waste time juggling different tools for customer support and review tracking and management. Deriskly combines these essential tools on one platform, giving you a 360-view of customer satisfaction in real time.

Measure and make data-driven decisions to drive customer satisfaction

Track the effectiveness of your customer support and reputation management efforts and make data-driven decisions. Our easy-to-use, intuitive platform provides essential analytics and reporting tools, as well as advanced insights and recommendations.

Integrate with different platforms and channels

Deriskly can easily integrate with your existing customer interaction channels, help desks, review sites and social media. Get in touch with us to make it a customised solution.

Secure, safe, GDPR-compliant

We have partnered with Microsoft to provide you with a safe, secure enterprise-grade software solution that you and your customers can trust.

Deliver better customer outcomes, improve your product and reputation, and increase your revenue today with Deriskly

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