Detect and manage legal risks with
AI-powered software

Predictive Risk Analytics for Lawyers

AI-powered legal risk management

Stop wasting time manually browsing your mailbox to prioritise response to high risk cases. With Deriskly you can manage legal risks across entire organisation from a single dashboard. Deriskly helps you to see the bigger picture of legal risk profile of your company and react immediately to high risk cases.

Early warning

Deriskly helps busy legal teams to detect matters that require immediate attention. Integration with popular email services and web resources allows lawyers to monitor legal risks in nearly real
time format.

AI-assisted risk detection

Powered by the state-of-the-art machine learning engine, Deriskly handles large volumes of data and detects anomalies using unsupervised and supervised machine learning.

Informed decision making

Make informed decisions using smart analytics that provides insights into different legal risks across the entire company. With Deriskly you are able to predict legal workload and allocate human
resources efficiently.

Collaborate with other departments

Using Deriskly’s risk management features, you are able to collaborate with other departments that ask for legal support. Track the progress and time to reply to avoid risk escalation.

How Deriskly works

Detect risks using advanced features

Deriskly deploys cutting-edge machine learning models built by computer scientists from the University of Oxford to help companies detect and assess risks of legal disputes hidden in vast amounts of corporate data, particularly emails and text-based communications, as well as data from social media and web sources. Our predictive data analytics solution helps legal and other teams within an organization to identify, understand and address early warning signs of disagreement.

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