Deriskly CEO
Mimi Zou Appointed
As UK Government Adviser

18 September 2021

Dr Mimi Zou has been appointed by the Secretary of State for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport to the Advisory Board of the UK Government's Centre for Data Ethics & Innovation.

The Centre plays a pivotal role in shaping and implementing the National Data Strategy (‘Strategy’), which governs the UK’s data protection framework to support the innovation of data-intensive technologies and to maintain high data protection standards. With proposed reforms spanning across business accountability, barriers to data transfers, complaint mechanisms for data subjects and the operation of the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO), the Strategy aims to deliver enhanced legal clarity on the responsibilities of data usage.  

The National Data Strategy will be key to further AI innovation in the UK. Personal data lies at the heart of research and development across sectors. As the Strategy consultation highlights, the UK is ranked second globally for science and research, with 54% of output being world-leading initiatives.

Having a clearly defined regulatory regime that is sensitive to diverse business needs yet sufficiently clear for businesses to implement in practice, will deliver substantial cost benefits for businesses operating in the country. This allows businesses of all sizes to cultivate data responsibly and sustainably, to maintain data as the driving force of the modern economy.